About Us

PT Arsimekon Tatagraha was established by people with long experience on Telecommuncation, Information System, Electronic, Electrical Mechanical, Design Engineering and Construction. We started our services from providing Electrical and Mechanical Construction both to the private market in Indonesia and strive to provide the best solution that works.


Main objective of the company is to help and provide customers in generating best Value Added Services for their companies. Through firm dedication from our personnel, we are confident to deliver the best solution and services to customers.


It is our commitment to keep ourselves amongst the most reliable companies by means of service excellent, selling good design and installation with better services.

With our experience and our commitment to excellence, our customers shall see that we give priority to quality of our work, completed the work in time and provide them with their requirement for supplying equipment, design, construction and installation.

Accordingly, we are always ready to take up the design project, engineering construction, installation works and maintenance completed with supplying high quality equipment, whether it is for residential, high rise building, hospital, airport, factory and other commercial.